Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Slept at 4am last night and I woke up at 9.30am for work. Holidays = Work. I miss playing billiard though but its not like life now is lacklustre. My work requires me to interact with people of all walks of life and manage work. Work such as designing flyers/advertisements, website, paper work, doing quotations and etc. Sales talk is extremely important. It is never as easy as how it seems. As much as there are many useful books which we can refer to and learn about sales talk, or what have you, one has to keep on practicing. Practice > Theory.

It is quite palpable and unsurprising when I surf on local designing website to find how dull their flash works were and how ubiquitous the web design could be...like there is a lack of some originality or style. We need new blood. We can do better. I'm a zealot at surfing foreign web designed site. Their creativity is unbridled. Are we that far yet? Sadly, no. Despite the sudden influx of people in Singapore who are claimed capable to do websites or web designs, most of those which I've surfed, sucks totally. These people not just make the market price of web-making bad but also ashame us with the mediocre work. C'mon, creativity! But of course, I'm not infering that there is absolutely no creativity in Singapore.

Gotta run now. Jaaaaaaaaaaa ne.

Monday, November 05, 2001

"Du lai du wang" Extreme-pack.

Finally, I've tried the Go-Kart in Escape (situated in Pasir Ris NTUC Chalet). I reached there at 9pm which only left me 1hr 30min to enjoy. I took the ride twice continuously. Waited for 30 forever mins and I'm a Hellrider. The floor was damn slippery after a long afternoon of rain. I jolly sped down the track just to overtake a slowbro. He refused to let me passed and took a change of lane suddenly. My kart turned 270º. Holy.

The second time was hell good.
Anyway the karts aren't impressive. I need real thrill.

I went ahead to play 'Pepsi', the ride, which goes upside down and round. Took it 3 times. The guy at the control chatted with me come and by. The music is too soft. The motion is too slow. The duration is too fast. Damn. I need real thrill.

10pm already. And what's more which I can play? Viking. Now the girl at the control chatted with me too. Apparently the guy previously walkie-talked to her about having interest to know me. Result: Unsuccessful request. 4 times of continuous Viking at the highest seat alone. I chatted with Jorain (the girl) while onboard, like when the ship is still at the beginning low stage. I need real thrill.

I was all alone the whole time during the visit. Well, I didn't scream or anything like that during any of the rides. Its more like so relaxing to me. Obviously I had strange looks from a group of couples as we always happened to bump onto each other. They might be thinking.... what a strange gal. But I'm just passing my time, that's all. I've always been a Amusement-Park-EXTREME-Thrill-Seeking-Aloner (APETSA) since young. I enjoy playing all the rides alone and chat with strangers (e.g. the ppl working there or anyone who play with me). I remembered when I was in Aussie, I talked to the lady beside me during the 360º roller coaster ride, telling her not to be scared about it. She replied me with a long string of senseless screamings. After the ride, she told me that she was very surprised that I can stay so relaxed and raise my hands like nothing during the turnings and divings. I chuckled. After which I played 11 times of 'washing machine' (external 360º turns and internal 360º turns, accompanied by going up and down at a fast speed). Quite a cool ride. Didn't puked or anything. I ran back and forth the queue station to play it continuously. My mom was horrified as she watched me. Hee. I was 14 at that time.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting US and Japan's Amusement Parks for my APETSA odyssey. Perhaps, (no choice) they are claimed to be the best in the world. I'm bored of rides with insufficient height and speed, not to mention, real thrill. Bungee jumping fits the bill, doesn't it? Yeah somehow, but my family is against it.

So who wanna be my partner? Oh dear I'm an APETSA, remember? Send my adrenalin to the max please...

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Embarking my journey to the chalet, I was equipped with my all-wonders pink bag, a 1.5L bottle and I pushed my bike to the main door. The feeling of no handphone around was so wonderful. Like I'm so uncontactable. Everything looks great. I haven't been cycling for the past 6 months. It seems that I have some trouble to even cycle up the slope which I used to have an easy time with. Felt so heavy. Really makes me ponder if my leg muscles had weaken or the load in front of the bike was too heavy. Yet, I persevered. I'm determined to cycle to the chalet in order to quit taking cabs where ever I go. Huff puff, huffed puffed. I'd already won half of the battle. The road is getting tougher. Then, I heard my tyre farting while I was cycling. GDI, the tyre behind is flat.

Left with no choice, I've to 'cycle' it home. Madness. No handphone.

I reached my home in NO time. My vision went white and battery went flat. I fall onto my sofa like a corpse. Perspiration suffocated my skin pores. The tyre is actually flat before I used it. Didn't realised it. Didn't had a proper lunch. Didn't reach the chalet successfully by bike.

Well, in the end, I took a cab again.

Lessons learnt:
1) Have a bloody good lunch even if I'm busy at work.
2) Do not assume everything is fine. Double check. Be kiasi, be kiasu.
3) It doesn't hurt to be contactable.
4) Take a cab.

GDI: God_DamnIt

Saturday, November 03, 2001

I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag. I'm madly in love with my pink bag.

I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop. I need a palm top. I need a laptop.

Geez. Went bonkers for a moment.

Friday, November 02, 2001

And did I mention that I'm at disc 4 of Fighter Girl? Woohoo.
We are all lucky kids. Born with a silver spoon sticking in our damn little mouths for most cases. I'm so ashamed of myself whenever I take a deeper thought about my maids. Like I'm not fit to be compared to them. Left home at the real age of 18 to work at a foreign country, she's very efficient and hardworking. The other maid who is living with me has a family and a child in her hometown. It is very disheartening for me to see her sobbing alone at a corner whenever she misses her family. I believe that the hard-earned monthly salary of theirs is not even enough for us, (teenagers-young adults), to pay for our hp bills, internet bills, allowances, or expenditure. Sometimes we took money too lightly. Perhaps that's the reason why our parents often tell us their long ago stories about their age when they started working. I dislike regarding maids as a standard lower than us. I always prefer calling them 'kakak' (malay word for 'elder sis'). Afterall they worth our respect.

I was playing my gameboy just now. I guess I'm getting an rpg game cartridge for my gb to make sure that I'll take a bus journey be it to work or school instead of Mr Uncle Lee driving and my money jumping away like a counter. My sis hyori- once mentioned that my family is a console-freak when he came over to visit my house before I move over to my new house. It somehow left me a deep impression kinda comment. I still remember during the gameboy pokemon craze, I so obsessed with the game that the music couldn't stop ringing in my mind even when I'm not playing. I did wonder if there is any japanese ancient spell behind the game. Haha.

I love taking bus rides alone. But I'm always lazy to wake up early. I must learn to hate taking cabs. Hope my new approach with gameboy works.
Jaa ne.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

It is raining again! I feel like snuggling on my bed. The rain is quite heavy. It feels good.

Received a call early in the morning at 7a.m. My heart aches. Was too sleepy so I went to bed after the conversation. My palm still hurts. I dreamt that I had a fall on to the sandy ground while climbing a narrow stairway. The sand got into my palm. I woke up. It is painful and it still hurts now. Bizzare.

Okay, it is time to remote, read the papers, have my lunch, and off to work.
Jaa ne.
Geez. My sis has completed my S$14.90 Fighter Girl! She is fast.
My entry went missing after I posted it.

Just woke up. Feeling much better. Sleeping does heal. I slept my whole afternoon away thus didn't manage to watch Fighter Girl. Drats, now my sis is at disc 6. I guess I won't have any chance to watch peacefully after today. My work will start trmw. I'll also have to rush the website for work.

I couldn't smile. Something has taken away my smile for the whole day. Yet I'm being cheered up by someone close. She's so lucky. She's not a star. She's me.

Jaa ne.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Glad that I'm back after a morning of rush. The feeling of home is the best. Well, or is it my PC?

I saw a red Mercs today. So red. So bold. So unstylish. As much as red is an auspicious colour, and Mercs may stands for some status, or perhaps like we can say opposite poles attract? Or a cross breed of the heaven and earth? It look more like a vulgar loanshark vehicle to me.

Wore my windbreakers again. I thought its going to rain, just like yesterday. Yet the skies disappoint me. I refused to take off my windbreaker when the sun merges from the clouds. My heart is sick.

As the saying goes "the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest." I guess its really true subconsciously in everyone's mind.Why? Don't ask me. I won't tell ya. It is a secret.

So exams are over. What's next?

I guess that I'll complete the 8 discs of Fighting Girl today before my work starts trmw.
I don't really sound cheery today. I didn't try my best for my papers.

Perhaps I'll add another entry later. As for now, I'll shut my mouth.
Jaa ne.
Oh my god. My sis is at Disc 4 now. 4 more discs and she'll complete the whole serial. How sad that I couldn't watch.
Its a wonderful day. I love rainy days like this. Cool temperatures, I could wear my windbreaker comfortably. I'm going to buy something red to wear. I started to like pink and red unknowingly. Perhaps its a sign that I'm becoming more like a girl. But I thought it was more like other reasons. Red is passion. Woo. I just think that I belong to the red type. Passionate, boisterous, and combustion of energy. And when I'm tired, mode changes to pink. Then white. A cycle of red to white. Boy, I think it sounds like menstruation.

Hey, speaking of pink, my new bedroom is furnished with pink furniture. Not that I want. Parents just have the mindset of 'pink for girls and blue for guys', no matter how I protest that I wanted blue instead. Oh well and now I'm stuck with pink. Cursed.

I went shopping alone after my C-maths paper. I've got to get my printer a new black ink cartridge. I end up spending 15 bucks more on a Japanese drama serial VCD-Fighting Girl, with Kyoko Fudaka as the leading actress. I allowed my sis to watch it first. I've only caught a few glimpses. Didn't dare to watch for I know I'll be obsessed with it until I've completed the whole series. I'm quite easily obsessed with activities I do. It is like, once I start, I couldn't stop. When I stop, I wouldn't touch it for quite a time, until the kick comes back. I couldn't tolerate if my life is fixed with monotonous activities. Afterall, I'm the red-to-white type.

Back to my shopping alone. I reckon I must be carried away.
I enjoy shopping alone. Just love to be an aloner at times. Humming my way while I shop, observing the surroundings around me, practically in a world of my own which I don't have to care about anything like if a friend is tagging along, I'll tend to put my focus my attention on my friend fearing that he/she may get bored. Many secondary students were hanging out at the shopping centre as usual. Just something a little different today, report books flinging around.

Report book. Something which I fear to receive during my secondary school days. I miss my secondary school life. Carefree stuff. Uniforms provoke creativity. A surge to change. Girls' school really has a thing or two. Girl Power and Unity. Behind all that, Jealousy, Backstabbing, Vicious Gossip-mongers. Life is horribly hideous (at times) when we turn to the back side of the page. I used to wish I could be 17 when I was a bud teenager. I guess everyone does that. Now that I'm already 17 for almost 2 months, it isn't anything oh-so-great. Age doesn't matter.

Gosh. I guess I gotta run now. Exam fever is still on. I'm caged like a little tweety bird. Tuddy cat is the examination.
Jaa ne.